Advantages Of Contactless Smart Cards

- Oct 22, 2018-

Advantages of contactless smart cards

1. high reliability and long service life

There is no mechanical contact between the card and the reader, which avoids various faults caused by contact and reading, which facilitates the printing of the card and improves the reliability of the card. Especially in some environments with harsh conditions and high interference, non-contact smart cards have outstanding advantages. Due to its completely enclosed package form, it can not only prevent contact failure due to rough card insertion, non-card foreign object insertion, dust and oil pollution, but also has excellent characteristics of waterproof steam, anti-static, anti-vibration and anti-electromagnetic interference.

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2, easy to operate, fast

Due to the non-contact communication method, the reader can operate the card within a certain distance, so there is no need to insert and remove the card, and the non-contact smart card has no directionality when used, and the user can swipe the card without taking the card out of the wallet. , greatly improving the convenience of each use and the speed of system operation. 

3. prevent conflicts and anti-interference

The non-contact smart card has a main conflict mechanism, which can prevent data interference between cards, can process multiple cards at the same time, improve the parallelism of the application, and invisibly improve the system work efficiency and speed.

4, to ensure safety

The two-way authentication mechanism and three mutual confirmations are used between the contactless smart card and the reader. Each sector in the card has its own operation password and access conditions, and it has pass data encryption, transmission password and access password protection, and can prevent copy forgery. To ensure the security of use. 

5, a wide range of applications, a multi-purpose card

The memory structure of the contactless smart card makes it suitable for multiple use of one card, and can be widely applied to different systems. Users can set different passwords and access conditions according to different applications, and truly achieve a card.

6, small size, light weight, easy to carry, reliable quality, stable performance, low cost of use.

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