Card Cube Hygienic RFID Animal Ear Tags For Animal Tracking

- Dec 28, 2017 -

Hygienic RFID Animal Ear Tags for animal tracking

Card Cube Group, A Chinese leading producer advanced in animal tracking solution, has launched a series of hygienic RFID Animal ear tags for livestock tracking on large animals, just like cattle, pigs and sheep.

The ear tags are constructed of polyurethane which is not easy for bacteria to grow on to decrease the chance of infection in tagged animals. Thus, Card Cube's advanced RFID Animal tags can deliver high performance in both tag retention and infection prevention for animal tracking.

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These user-friendly RFID animal ear tags perform well in a wide range of livestock lifecycle tracking, just like cattle, pigs and sheep. The passive components(with no battery) are worn as ear tags to enable automated livestock management in processes, such as feeding, immunity, disease management and breeding practices.

The RFID animal tag can also help to track growth rates by recording individual animals. In additon to the ear tags, Card Cube has also released inject tag, hang tag, foot ring and tag princer to facilitate the animal tracking processes.

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