Exquisite Quality RFID Wooden Card

- Oct 26, 2018-

Nowadays, with the pursuit of natural objects, products made of natural wood are both beautiful and fully reflect the pursuit and admiration of natural beauty. Using high-end technology products equipment - laser machine, using all Computer-controlled production sequence, engraving fine patterns and texts, highlighting the product's grade and sense of the times. Using laser machine to directly engrave all kinds of texts and patterns on wood products through computer, no need to take the mold, the effect is fine. It can not be achieved by electric heating. It can cut any complicated shape at the same time, and can completely solve the problems encountered by the machine. The pattern is drawn by computer, the whole process is mechanically produced, ensuring the quality of the product, the production speed is fast, and the customer is satisfied.

rfid wooden card.jpg

Material of RFID Wooden Card


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