HF RFID Label Is Smart Choice For RFID Library Management

- Dec 06, 2017 -

Compared with UHF, HF RFID Library System is currently the most mature and popular solution for Library due to its high identification rate and less influence by environment. And Card Cube Group has recently unveils high-performance, low-cost HF labels for library management.

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This HF RFID labels is ideal for identification in book circulation. With a guaranteed more than 10-year data lifespan, these labels offer long-term data integrity. And its memory can be customized in 1K or 4K to record informations of library books such as its title, type, author, specific remarks and borrowing records.

Besides,the RFID labels can facilitate checked-in and checked-out security in RFID library management system. This HF label can be integrated with a protected EAS(Electronic Article Surveillance) functionality. And it can be printed with custom logos, and is fully rewriteable to allow compliance with a future ISO tag data standard.

By adding an HF label to each book, each library item has its unique identifiers. Because each label is encoded with a unique ID code that conforms to a data model called the "Generic Set of Requirements RFID for public libraries".

This HF RFID label is a smart choice for library management in process including identification in book circulation, as well as in theft protection and library logistics such as shelf control and inventory.

Please visit http://www.worldnfc.com/rfid-label-1.html for more infomation about RFID smart label for library management system.

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