Rugged RFID Smart Label (Read / Write RFID Tag)

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Card Cube Group has developed rugged RFID smart label, each including a small IC chip and antenna. The read /write RFID tags are designed to ensure the durability even under harsh environment and have been integrated into many RFID projects with a low price.

Rugged RFID Smart Label

The high-quality RFID smart label can produce a robust, low cost RFID solution. It addresses the compliance of EPC Gen 2 (ISO18000-6C) RFID standard. And the memory of the RFID label can be customized in 1K or 4K to record information. With a guaranteed lifespan of more than ten years, the read / write RFID label can be rewritten 100,000 times.

Now more and more people show interest in Ultra-High Frequency as the frequency of choice for object tracking. Integrated the RFID smart label with UHF RFID reader, tagging items can be easily found even if they are located in the wrong place. And the read / write tag is fully supported on logo printing, number printing, barcode printing.

With fast read speed and accurate read rate, the RFID smart label provides high efficiency for tracking. And it is ideal for supply chain management, such as baggage handling, in archiving including libraries, document tracking, etc.

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